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The Pros and Cons of Buying Real Estate Leads

If you are an experienced real estate agent who is in the business for a long time, you may already have your own techniques and ideas for lead generation. By this time, as a successful realtor, you should have winning strategies and methods that worked well for you and you may also try to classify those ideas for lead generation.

But for a new real estate agent who does not have much experience, it might be a little difficult to identify what methods and ideas they should follow to get to that place.

On the whole, it creates a question in their minds about whether buying a lead as an agent is the right idea and is it safe to buy leads from lead generation services.

If you want us to tell you an alternative to buying a lead, we would say it will be creating your own funner by exploring the marketing ideas. You get many advantages from this like you can create and maintain your own brand. But the problem is it will not come within a day or night, it might take a long time for you to build a new brand, especially when you are a new agent.

You should have knowledge of maintaining a website, SEO, website ranking techniques, social media marketing, and management. Even though you do best at all these, if you need leads fast, these strategies won’t be much helpful for you.

If you planned to pay for leads, you may have to skip certain traditional procedures and you get connected to a potential buyer or seller.

There are advantages and disadvantages to buying a real estate lead. To help you finalize your decision on whether to buy a lead or not, we will help you here.

Pros of Buying Real Estate Leads

Stream of Leads

Once you buy real estate leads, you are earning access to a consistent and constant stream of leads with potential clients. For any services, especially for money-involved businesses, getting new clients is the most difficult part of the job. It is even tough for the real estate industry.

When you buy leads, you can skip those endless calls to people to hear about your services. Instead of spending time on these tasks, you can move on to concentrate on the other parts of the business like branding and marketing.


Now it is all on the internet. Modern buyers or sellers start finding the services online so the business people start their marketing online. As we can see, most buyers search online for houses as they have an idea in their mind about their dream house and online listing gives them a chance to view the photos of houses for sale, which makes them easy to choose.

If you are a successful real estate agent with a good number of sales, you can use those numbers for marketing. It will increase the exposure when you buy leads and you can work with your audience as you know them already.

Cons of Buying Real Estate Leads


It is true that not all the stocks are going to give you a profit. Likewise, not all real estate lead generation is qualified. You have to choose the one using high-rated lead generators.


The major negative point that makes most new agents step backward from buying a lead is the cost of buying one. You have to have more money to buy a lead. For a start agent, it is completely a risk.