Pfizer : the revival after losing its no. 1 place

According to the world pharmaceutical rankings published by IMS Health in 2013, Pfizer was number two with a growth of – 2.6, while the list is headed by Novartis with a growth of 1.9. However, for Pfizer this new position was not synonymous with crisis or lack of projects because if we make an assessment of their actions from 2013 we note how they continue to demonstrate its great potential.


The assessment of their actions

For the beginning, in mid-2013 they decided to perform a renewal within the Board of Directors in France, which brought with it a new vision and the opportunity for changes that would regain its leading position. Another important issue was the decision to cut the price of its pneumococcal vaccine Prevenar 13 by 6 percent to $3.10 per dose in poor countries as part of a commitment to the GAVI global vaccines alliance. This decision comes as GAVI is attempting to raise $ 7.5 billion to supports its immunisation campaigns for developing countries between 2016 and 2020. Pfizer, as well as other laboratories, contributes with organisms as GAVI, which make possible medicine accessible in poor countries. This will allow them to continue engaging in humanitarian aid with a vaccine that protects against one of the most common diseases, with a high mortality rate, in developing countries. Despite this drop in price GAVI reaffirms that it still has the means to continue administering the vaccine and also covering the same number of children who had established. Wide spread coverage of the pneumococcal vaccines in developing countries over the next five years is one of GAVI’s priorities and is crucial in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goal 4 by 2015.

More recently, just at the end of 2014, Pfizer announced the acquisition of the portfolio of vaccines from Baxter Laboratory (NeisVac ® and Ticovac ®) as well as a part of the vaccines production place. Beyond its innovative portfolio consisting of numerous molecules and biotechnological developments, immunizations and known world self-medication products, Pfizer wants to get involved to improve the lives of future generations in order to live better and longer. Therefore it has decided to create a new program called “Get Old ®” which brings together several projects mainly revolving environment to the concept of “aging well” and prevention. This website also serves as a guide and support system for seniors to help them increase self-confidence and self-awareness during life transitions. Support and information for aging comes from Pfizer experts, patient advocacy groups, and the general population in the form of posts and videos.

The most recent actions announced no more than a few weeks ago, has been the acquisition of Hospira, specializing in injectable drugs and biosimilars, perfusion technology. It is important to adapt themselves into the new changes in the pharmaceutical industry where generic drugs are losing their place due to the end of blockbusters and where the future lies in Biosimilar medicines.


All of these measures together with other allowed Pfizer to regain its number one position, which shows that this American giant does not surrender and is still committed to new challenges and important projects that we will be announced soon.